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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I want to build with vinyl?
    There are many advantages to installing a vinyl liner pool. A few of those advantages of building your new in-ground pool with vinyl is;
  • Flexible and cannot crack like a concrete pool
  • Never have to repaint or re-plaster
  • All surfaces inside your pool is smooth
  • 30-35% less than concrete or gunite pools
  • Easy to replace the liner when needed

What is the reputation of the builder?

Ask for referrals and find out if promises are kept. Were there additional costs not initially expressed in the written estimate and how available was the builder after the job was started to handle unexpected situations.

How much attention is devoted to planning and design?

Factors such as elevations, surrounding yard drainage, and variable site conditions are sometimes overlooked by an inexperienced builder or salesperson. Are site plans a regular feature offered by the builder and are retaining walls or drainage accommodations revealed up front?

Why do cost estimates vary between builders on the same size of pool?
    Pricing is determined by more than size and shape. Some of the factors that affect the total cost are;
  • Is all sub-contract work such as plumbing and electrical included
  • Quality of materials
  • Design work
  • Degree of craftsmanship
  • Warranty coverage
NOTE: Not all builders include a complete package in their written estimates which results in a low initial bid but a higher end cost.

What options are available to add to my pool?

Common accessories are heaters, diving boards, covers, etc.... New technologies offer a wide range of automation upgrades and special waterfall features, fiber-optic lighting, and designer coping and decking choices can customize any pool plan.

How much work and expense is there to maintain a pool?

Properly designed pool systems can make caring for your pool easy. Automatic sanitizers, pool cleaners, and chemical test strips all reduce maintenance time to minutes a week. Costs can be as low as $200.00 a season but vary based upon filtration systems, bather load, type of sanitizer and other factors.

How Do I Recalibrate or Reset My Hayward Aqua Rite Salt Chlorine Generator?

From time to time you may have to re-calibrate your Hayward Aqua Rite Salt readout. It's very easy to do by following the step by step instructions below.

  • Step 1 - Before recalibrating, test the water with salt water test strips to determine the correct salt level. If the results from your test strip are not the same as the Aqua Rite, proceed to step 2.
  • Step 2 - With the pump running, move the main switch from "Auto" to "Off" and then back to "Auto". Wait for approximately 10 - 15 seconds for a click inside the panel.
  • Step 3 - Once you hear the click, immediately push the Diagnostics button 5 times. The system will now begin to recalibrate.
  • Step 4 - A number will appear on the display screen and begin to scroll down. Once the number on the screen matches the number from your test strip result, move the the main switch from "Auto" to "Super Chlorinate" and back to "Auto".
  • Step 5 - The Hayward Aqua Rite should now be successfully recalibrated. If the incorrect salt reading continues to be a problem, it may be time to replace the salt cell.

How Do I Change My Hayward Aqua Rite Metric/US Display?

My Hayward Aqua Rite displays the wrong numbers. What do I do? Sometimes when you try to reset it, you can accidently change the units from US to Metric. You can easily change it back following the directions below.

  • Step 1 - To set up for changing units, push the Diagnostic Button one time to display water temperature.
  • Step 2 - SLIDE MAIN SWITCH UP - Slide the Main Switch from Auto to Super Chlorinate. The temperature will change to 32 degrees Celsius.
  • Step 3 - SLIDE MAIN SWITCH DOWN - Slide the Main Switch back down to "Auto" to save the change. This will change Salt Level Units to Metric.

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